Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Today was the best Valentine's Day I think I have ever had. It started off rocky but ended awesome! When I got to work I had a reeses sitting at my desk, which let's face it when you work at an office that is exciting to see! Work went by slow, but then I met up with Melissa and Angie and we went to dinner at 54Th Street Grill (which the food is delicious!). While we were sitting there laughing and talking Melissa noticed a lady sitting by herself. Being Valentine's Day we immediately thought "how sad" and started making up stories as to why she was there by herself like she got stood up or just wanted good food and some other crazy stories I can't remember. I was with Angie and that girl has an imagination, we even thought maybe she was having a date with God. This lady was an older lady wearing red, but even though she was sitting by herself she was smiling. She seemed perfectly content sitting by herself in a crowded restaurant. I wish I had that kind of confidence. Anyways, as we were leaving we talking about how we would never know how the rest of her evening went or so we thought. We went to this new church because they were having a singles discussion session and thought what better way as singles on Valentine's Day to spend our evening than in church with other singles. When we got there guess who was there...that's right the lady from the restaurant. We figured out why she was smiling. She has the greatest love of all, she has found her prince charming and his name is JESUS CHRIST!! She was content being alone on Valentine's Day, and carrying it with a smile. She gets it! I hope someday when we are in heaven we will get to share with her how awesome she made our Valentine's Day!!!

I am so blessed that God has given me a wonderful family and today I am so thankful that He gave me Melissa & Angie. When the three of us are together it is never boring. We get each other and laugh and are just plain crazy. They are there for me when no one else is, even when this girl always chooses the bathroom stall that is always out of toilet paper, they are there to rescue me. So for them two I want to thank you for being the other two our crazy Three Musketeers!!!

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