Thursday, February 23, 2012

Take Control

Lord, take control over my life. Open my heart to your heart. Open my eyes to you see your will for my life. You are in control and I want my life in your hands, not mine. Yours are perfect, mine are covered in sin. Take my life and use it for your will. I can't get through this life without you. I need you, Lord and I will not be afraid of what the future holds because I know without a doubt that you are the savior and the rescuer. I know the next few months are not going to be easy and I pray that you will give strength and encouragement when needed. I pray that you will send Love down here and will restore. I pray that you will use this craziness for your will. I pray that you will use us to show Love, mercy and grace. I can't do this alone!! I need you, Lord. We need you! Please take control and guide us through.

I love you Jesus more than anything!!!

In Jesus name,

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