Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spending Time With God!

I haven't done this in so long!! Blog time!

Ok this is a strange blog. I'm at work and I just walked out of the bathroom and realized something. God really loves to talk to me in the bathroom. Crazy, but true. I think He chooses that place because there are no distractions in there. It is just me and my thoughts, and God is probably like "Now is a good time to talk to her, she's listening" Today He reminded me "He has everything under control." It's amazing how many times I have to be reminded of that throughout the day.

It's funny how God chooses to show up in the craziest places. This past couple of weeks have been crazy with earthquakes and tsunamis. I wonder why He choose that day to change the lives of millions. But God does have a reason, and someday we will find out that reason. Lately I've been dealing with the question of why God chooses people to give cancer or other diseases to. I wish that He would answer that question. But I know He has it all under control and He always has a plan. I just wish it didn't hurt so much. Please if you are reading this please keep two very special people in your prayers. They have been through so much and only God can get them through the next part of their lives.

Through everything we go through have you ever noticed that you will always come back to the faith? I was just listening to a sermon that dealt with this thought. I know when I'm screaming or yelling out to the Lord, usually a few minutes or a couple of days later I always know that God is there or else who would I be talking to? I know He is there through the small moments (mainly when I'm finally quiet) I feel his presence and I can hear him speaking sometimes, most of the time it's just a reminder telling me, "I love you Michelle." But that reminder gets me through the days. If you really do listen you can hear it to, and it's such a glorious freedom knowing that whatever happens, not matter what you do or have done, there is a God who is up in Heaven just waiting to tell you He loves you!