Monday, August 15, 2011


Wow! Life has been so messed up lately. The one thing I want in the world is for Jesus to be enough, but I keep struggling with these thoughts...I don't deserve him, I need a guy to make me happy, I want my friends to care. This whole dumb culture mainly facebook world which is why I am trying to not be on it as much and give it up because it makes me feel so inadequate. Everyone on there seems to be getting married, going to school, getting new jobs, watching their kids grow up, having great husbands/wifes, having their second child, and life seems to be going for them, while I am well...nothing. I feel so alone. God why do I always feel alone? more importantly why have you made me alone. Why can't YOU be enough? Why does my body long for more? Why is my life so empty? Lord, please fill me the way I know you can. SHOW ME!!! Embrace me and show me your love. Please Lord!! I trust in you!