Saturday, August 21, 2010

Humble Heart!

In humility humble your heart and soul. Humble yourself and God will lift you up. He has freed us and all we have to do is humble our hearts to the feet of the cross. Get on your knees and truly humble your heart. I have found out that when you drop to your knees and really talk with God it truly brings peace. Try it, and you will find out that when you truly give it all to God you will get the greatest peace. Decrease yourself and lower yourself before the one who created you! Its funny how hard it is to drop to you knees. We so think we can handle it on our own and besides getting on your knees just sounds dumb! Then I tried it and since then I sometimes still find it tough to truly humble myself but when I do I get this greatest since of comfort in knowing that Christ really has in under control.

He knows what is happening tomorrow. He knows what will happen in ten seconds from now. He holds life in his hands and he knows when we will die, but in the mean time we need to be alive in Christ. We should make fools of ourselves for Christ! If you want to dance, dance. If you want to sing, sing. If you want to jump up and down and go crazy, Go For IT! We are young in spirit no matter how old we are. It is ok to be silly and have fun with life. While you are going crazy, do it for Jesus! Whatever you are doing with your life do it for the Jesus! Life's meaning is wrapped in Christ and therefore our lives should show that!! Life may throw you curve balls and seem insane and guess what we might lose some of our battles, but who cares! God is the winner. We might feel like losers, but guess what when we give it all to the Lord, He is the winner and therefore, we are the winners.