Saturday, July 16, 2011


This month was a whirlwind, and one I hope to never forget. In this past month I've learned a lot about who I am and how God really does listen and answer prayers. I will always be thankful for this month, God brought this wonderful man into my life and even though I don't know if I will see or hear from him again, I will always be thankful for the moments. God has blessed me in so many ways. I have been wondering lately why God places people into our lives. Some are only for a moment, some stay for awhile and then some stay forever. I guess we can't take for granted those moments because it is in those moments where God says, How are you going to shine for me? I know that I fail in these moments a lot, but I pray everyday that God will use me in the best way He can! I struggle with a lot of doubt and fear when new people come into my life. I guess its because throughout my years, many have come into my life and left and broke my heart and so I put this guard up. I don't want to get hurt so I shut down and many say its like pulling teeth to get me to talk about my feelings, and I would have to agree. It was a great feeling to actually open up to someone and share my feelings. I think I've always thought my feeling are petty compared to what is in the real world, but I've learned yea, they might be petty but they are my feelings and I should share them. There are people out there who do really care and love me for who I am.

Lord, thank you so much for everything! I thank you for giving me the stepping blocks into this thing called dating and eyes to see you working in my life. You are all around me! You used your beauty to show me that you have me in your arms and that things will be ok. I thank you for the butterfly that flew around telling me it's ok to take a risk. I love you, Lord with everything that is in me and I pray for the people in my life who need you now more than ever! You are always there sharing with us your strength and courage. Thanks!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


If anyone reads this you know by now that it takes me time to process through my thoughts and then write them down. Three weeks ago The Exchange group from Church went down to Joplin to help with the clean up after the tornado. We had no idea that in those 3 days our lives would forever be changed. The images that I posted on here are only a few that will forever be stitched into our hearts. I will never forget driving up over this hill and seeing miles and miles of mass destruction that only took 45 seconds to destroy. It brings tears to my eyes to know that those people lives are forever changed. I know God doesn't promise life to be easy and I know that He has a plan and He is sovereign, but I still wonder why He had to use this tornado. But he does have a purpose and a plan and someday we will find out what that is. It is all for His will!! This we know to be true. The night before we arrived the church that we stayed at had a bonfire and it was at this bonfire that Christ placed a woman from Arizona to bring one the volunteers the greatest gift of all...Jesus Christ. Jason was saved that night and forever he would be the son of the greatest father!

The next day we all loaded up the trucks and headed out to a farm that was destroyed by its own tornado. When I saw this house it brought back so many memories of what it was like to lose our homes in fires. This wonderful couple lost everything, but they were still smiling. When one of the volunteers shared Jason's story with the husband he said words that put things in perspective. He said, "If one person was saved from this whole ordeal, then it was worth losing everything." This is a guy who just lost everything and He knows what life is really about. It is not about stuff, the drama of everyday life, it is not who you socialize with, it is not about job status, it is not about where you go to church, it is not about marital status. It is about one person...JESUS CHRIST!! It is about our relationship with him and how we take that relationship and place it into our everyday life and drama! It is the reason that Joplin will REBUILD. and they will rebuild. They have so much strength in that town.

I know my life will forever be changed by my experience in Joplin. We are headed back at the end of July if anyone would love to join us.