Sunday, February 26, 2012

Be Strong and Courageous

Did you know that in Joshua Chapter One it states "Be Strong and Courageous" four times, ten times overall in the whole bible? I've learned that if God repeats something in His word over and over again it is because He is trying to tell you something. To think out of only 18 verses this is mentioned four times. I think God wants us to be strong and courageous. I love how when God wants to get his point across He does have to repeat himself. He must have known us humans are forgetful. We have to be reminded over and over again how we are loved and cherished. How we need to not fear because He is control. How we are forgiven and have been given grace. He know us all to well!!

I also learned that Joshua the name means "The Lord Saves." That would be cool to have that meaning because then you already know going into life, that the Lord has already saved you. Michelle means "One is who is like the Lord" and Cathleen means "Pure." When I first found out what my name meant I'm not going to scared me. One who is like the Lord? That is so not me. I'm far from it! Now Cathleen that one I get, that one makes since. God says he knows our names before we are even thought of. I did some research and looked up people's names, like my sister. Her name means "honeybee" and it is so her because the woman never stops going. She is like the energizer bunny! I want her energy! It really is cool to see where our names come from and what they mean because God gave us those names for a reason even if we don't get it. I do wander about the famous people with their weird names like Apple... why did God give them those names? A question I will ask him someday.

I'm studying Joshua right now and really digging into the history and trying to really grasp what it is God wants us to get out of it. I'm reading An Introduction to the Old Testament Historical Books by David M. Howard Jr., and so far I find it interesting and confusing. I'm not used to actually reading school books so this is a new step for me. I started this once, but gave up because it got hard, this time however, I'm going to try my hardest to not give up. I want to dig into the word with everything I got. I pray that I will gain understanding of these pages and see what God is showing me through them along with the 40 Days in the Word bible study our church is doing right.


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