Sunday, January 29, 2012


Ok, God I get it! :) I've held on this idol to long and need to let it go. My future husband. I placed him as an idol and I'm sorry. I always thought I needed this person to save and rescue me. That once I found him, I would be great. That life would be happily ever after. So I placed this perfect imaginary husband up on a pedistal. Well, Lord it is so time to knock him down and not just knock, push and shove him to the ground. I've placed myself in this pit of jealousy, anger and bitterness that I really thought you would bring my future husband into my life to rescue me. What on earth was I thinking? I mean seriously. What was I thinking? Only you can save me from this pit I'm in. Only you can search my soul and heal and give me the thirst I long for. Only you can save me! I love you, Lord and thank you so much for bringing this to my attention because through your help I can see the light through the darkness. I don't want to be alone anymore and I don't want to see myself go through this pit again. I need you! I trust you! HELP ME!! I can't make any promises because I'm human and I will fail, but by golly I'm going to try stand on the ROCK of SALVATION and GRACE and we will get through this together! This is my prayer to you Lord. I need you and I love you! In Jesus Name AMEN.