Friday, March 2, 2012

Pizza & Movie

Tonight I went over to my parents house and my mom made something as simple as making our own pizzas and watching a movie so much fun. We sliced and diced our peppers and onions along with jalapenos, hamburger, and pepperoni to put on our pizzas. Mom didn't put jalapeno or onions because well she is a wuss! But that fact that she got those items meant she was thinking of me because no one in my family but me and my grandpa like jalapenos. It meant a lot. :) It was fun we talked about what is going on and laughed at our silliness. It was one of those days I hope to someday have with my children.

We make life so complicated, because we think we deserve more, or we want more, or we are bored so we over think things, but it really is the simple things in life like hanging out in the kitchen slicing and dicing that makes life worth living. It is sharing laughter with family, friends and co-workers that get us through the day. It is a simple meow or a dog jumping on you to let you know you are loved by them. It is a star shining bright in the sky to remind you that you are truly loved by the God who made that star and its makes you smile. Knowing that you are loved by the one who created the stars, the flowers, the ocean, the mountains, the animals, that is what really makes life seem doable. When you wake up in the morning and you grab your bible, turn on JoyFM, and just revel in the moment that you are alive again for another day. I know this entry really sounds like rainbows & butterflies, but guess what? Somedays life is rainbows & butterflies!